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The Rabbit And The Tortoise – Tavşan Ve Kaplumbağa

The Rabbit And The Tortoise

One day a rabbit and a tortoise meet in the forest.

The rabbit teases the tortoise, ”You are slow but I am fast. I can run very fast but you can’t.”

The tortoise is angry with the rabbit.

He challenges,  ”Let’s have a race!”

The next day the rabbit and the tortoise meet under a tree. A fox comes along and starts the race.

“Ready, steady, go!” says the fox. The rabbit runs and runs. And then he stops and turns back. There is no tortoise.

The rabbit thinks, ”The tortoise is slow. I am fast. I will go under a tree and rest.”

The rabbit goes under a tree, crosses his legs. He yawns and goes to sleep.

In his sleep he  snores. He usually itchs. He often coughs. He rarely laughs. He never burps. He sometimes hiccups. He sometimes sneezes. His stomach rumbles. He sometimes passes the wind.

The tortoise walks slowly but steadily. He goes to the  finishing line. All the animals applaud him. He becomes the champion. They give him a medal.

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